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Fight Discrimination Against Transhumanists

One of the big dangers of the ever increasing ideological divide in the United States is that transhumanist’s will be targeted and discriminated against.  Being targeted over ones children because of being a transhumanists is a rights issue that is fundamental to the Transhumanist Nation Committee (TNC).  Along those lines recently several people said this guy Rich Lee is a good guy and needs help.  My personal friend Gabriel (popular bio hacker) knows Rich and given his endorsement I decided that as Chairmen of the TNC that I ask the community of transhumanists regardless of the underlying flavor to help Rich. Rich needs to raise just over 6 thousand dollars and if we each just give a little, we can help prevent discrimination and in this case prevent Rich from loosing his kids. Continue reading

Letter to TNC by the TNC Chair 9 Nov 2016

Dear TNC;

I realize its not wise to have me write to much without an editor but given the overwhelming concern in the TNC with last nights election results I think as TNC Chair I should at least comment.

First not all TNC members where for Hillary or Trump but we have members on both sides of the isle metaphorically and overwhelmingly we are on neither side.

As an organization I think it is clear from the board finding of fact recently that both of these were just terrible candidates as it relates to the TNC platform. So given that we have to live with Trump as the next President of the United States then what are the positive things we might consider coming out of the next four years. To me these are some of the possible benefits that give me ‘hope’. Continue reading

[press] The TNC 2016 Election Finding of Fact

While the Transhuman National Committee (TNC) has been working on the formation and legal structures to provide the TNC with the legal foundation for moving forward as well as the policy and platform development the board has done some research beyond that scope around the current election. Continue reading