Transhuman National Committee 2017 Convention (Sunday, 12th March)

Now accepting nominations for all executive committee roles and agenda items for the 2017 Convention including platform policy planks.
please contact the TNC Chair at:
You can sign up for the 2017 Convention here:
The current TNC platform includes:
and will also be up for vote:

Extreme Futures and Technology Forecasting Work Group – Winter 2017 (March 11th, Provo, Utah)

EFTF and the EFTF Manual is a TNC (Transhuman National Committee) Fundraiser.

Get Tickets Here for the Saturday March 11th in Provo, Utah: 

This is a work group that will be an all day workshop on the EFTF book and replaces the regular winter event.

Ping me at: for more information.

* if you want to setup a table or sponsor or other interaction with work group let us know

The work group is about getting the book ready and correlating content and for several discussion groups related to forecasting, presentations and related planning for the EFTF 2017 manual. The EFTF program is about helping futurists and technologists work out where we are going and how we might get there and the likely outcome for various technology sectors will see and with the manual provide a method to help others with that process. Conference/workshop attendee’s participate in our qualitative analysis process to produce the Extreme Futures Technology and Forecasting Manual and attendee’s get a copy of the 2017 manual. There will be a number of lighting rounds on different technologies sectors covering AI/AGI, AR/VR, Biotechnology, Space, Wearables and personal technology and much much more.

Also at this event there will be a tour of the Hall labs and some of the elements of the Evolution of Personal Technology Showcase and Device Bar maintained by the conference show casing everything from watches to cybernetic implants or just to plug in your project. The Technology Showcase will be donated to the the Eternity Library by the Foundation when it gets its location in the Utah area.

Some of most exciting equipment that is part of the bar is the actual cybernetic implants, HoloLens, tDCS, and numerous other great wearable technology displays showing our deeply personal relationship with technology.

Attendee’s will become named authors of the Extreme Futures Technology and Forecasting Manual 2017 edition

Imagine a book that predicts the future of technology that evolves with time, trends with unprecedented accuracy designed for technologies, futurists and other analyst.

The compilation will come out each year.

Contributors will get a copy each year they participate where other’s will have to purchase them. All Contributors are named and contribute by attending the various Extreme Futures Technology and Forecasting Conferences where everyone will be contributing to activities we will do during the conference as part of the agenda including the technology forecasting exercise based on the Futures Squares methodology, study group role playing simulations and workshops based on techniques done with DARPA and the US Military and government but this time open to the public w/o government or other oversight skewing results.

Other sections will be briefs submitted and Singularity Index analysis based on the research program measuring stock related to core AGI related corporate investments. All of this formatted in a way to help people look at the key trends and likely outcomes. Everyone will be named directly. The TNC will use it as a key tool in Transhumanist sound policy lobbying and companies will use it to predict viable investment and research programs and more.

Come predict the future…

Attend the EFTF in Washington DC, Support the TNC and Futurist in advancing technology.


9AM – Networking

10AM – Opening Remarks (and workshop setup, introduce table captains)

10:15AM – Keynote – Showcase Speaker

10:45AM – Noon – lightning rounds

Noon – 1:30PM Lunch with Work groups/Networking/Demos (HoloLens Demo, Emerging Personal Technology Bar, table demos, etc )

1:30PM – 3:45PM TOC Workshop and drafting

4:00PM – 5:00PM – Closing Remarks, Demos, Networking

That afternoon we will have a tour of Hall Labs, and then a scenario workshop with Dinner at a to be disclosed location.

Current Presenters in morning session, including TNC Chair David J Kelley, TNC Board member Mark Waser, Future Squares Author Adair Daniels,


Please submit proposals, if you want to sponsor the conference or setup a demo table please let us know.


H+ – TNC

please note that due to the fee’s and planning and related costs we are not able to do refunds.

State of the Transhuman National Committee 2017

2016 has been a long year for me personally but a great year in terms of progress in making the success of the TNC possible.  The TNC is an important part of my vision for where we as transhumanists need to go.  While on Facebook it might seem that we are doing a lot of talking, there have been a lot of things happening in the real world around the TNC and it’s important that everyone knows that progress.  From our convention and formal organization early in 2016 to the first fund raising event recently in San Francisco the TNC has moved forward.  In terms of what we accomplished this year the most important items are:

  1. Formal organization at a Virtual Convention powered by Swarm AI based voting provided by UNU.
  2. Formal articulation of a Transhumanist Platform based on the transhumanist declaration and that included public and TNC member input on those policy planks.
  3. Cloud based infrastructure was setup including the document archive wiki, domain names, web servers, email server with the last element being the *. SSL certificate ready for setting up the new member portal for our next convention.
  4. We have found some fund raising partners and executed on starting that process.
  5. We have hired a legal firm to manage our legal formation as a 527 lobby/PAC going into 2017 with the vision of building a real political transhumanist movement/party going into 2017.

One of the key goals for me was to build organizational maturity to be able to run a national organization.  To a large degree this was accomplished.  Granted funding took about 8 months longer than expected, putting the originally task break down behind the original schedule, any good plan can be adapted and thus we will be doing this over the next month and executing on a new strategy or refined strategy that is now funded.

In 2017 we hope to accomplish the following:

  1. FEC filing as a lobby. Keep in mind it is not realistic yet to function as a party and will continue to drive our positions as a 527.
  2. Our political agenda in 2017 will be about lobby efforts moving our agenda (platform) forward.
  3. New 2017 Convention designed to carry us forward and further bake out our platform as we start adopting detailed policy positions and detailed planning.
  4. Fund policy position papers as well as adopt some from IEET and other sources as they make sense for us to use as the basis for our new 2017 platform or agenda to power the intellectual horse power in terms of public perception as we drive forward.
  5. A new 2017 platform adopted at the next convention including a new level of research and new details in terms of each policy plank.
  6. Support the Formation of at least 10 local or regional organizations to become stronger and viable in their areas including funding or micro grants to these smaller groups.
  7. Create a local/regional starter kit for people wanting to start local groups.
  8. Create or fund a research project supporting a block chain powered UBI for TNC members.
  9. Open 3 offices that includes show case-ing the Foundations Transhuman Library in three cities (right now the plan is Washington DC, Seattle and Provo and if possible San Francisco and New York.)
  10. A strong presence on university campuses and at conventions where we gain visibility and increasing audience.
  11. Affect at least one policy proposal that gets adopted legally in some American jurisdiction.

I wish everyone a great 2017 and hope that my vision as articulated here will resonate with everyone in and out of the TNC.  Given the state of politics in the United States, we really need a stronger movement politically willing to play the game in DC for the good of All Americans and to help protect a Transhuman Future.


@DavidJKelley, TNC Chairmen

Fight Discrimination Against Transhumanists

One of the big dangers of the ever increasing ideological divide in the United States is that transhumanist’s will be targeted and discriminated against.  Being targeted over ones children because of being a transhumanists is a rights issue that is fundamental to the Transhumanist Nation Committee (TNC).  Along those lines recently several people said this guy Rich Lee is a good guy and needs help.  My personal friend Gabriel (popular bio hacker) knows Rich and given his endorsement I decided that as Chairmen of the TNC that I ask the community of transhumanists regardless of the underlying flavor to help Rich. Rich needs to raise just over 6 thousand dollars and if we each just give a little, we can help prevent discrimination and in this case prevent Rich from loosing his kids. Continue reading

Letter to TNC by the TNC Chair 9 Nov 2016

Dear TNC;

I realize its not wise to have me write to much without an editor but given the overwhelming concern in the TNC with last nights election results I think as TNC Chair I should at least comment.

First not all TNC members where for Hillary or Trump but we have members on both sides of the isle metaphorically and overwhelmingly we are on neither side.

As an organization I think it is clear from the board finding of fact recently that both of these were just terrible candidates as it relates to the TNC platform. So given that we have to live with Trump as the next President of the United States then what are the positive things we might consider coming out of the next four years. To me these are some of the possible benefits that give me ‘hope’. Continue reading

[press] The TNC 2016 Election Finding of Fact

While the Transhuman National Committee (TNC) has been working on the formation and legal structures to provide the TNC with the legal foundation for moving forward as well as the policy and platform development the board has done some research beyond that scope around the current election. Continue reading

TNC Fundraising Event Oct 22nd San Francisco – Extreme Futures Technology and Forecasting Conference Partnership

The TNC (Transhuman National Committee) is doing its initial fund raising through a partnership with EFTF (Extreme Futures Technology and Forecasting Conference) coming to San Francisco on Saturday Oct 22nd.  Proceeds from the event will help fund an office in DC and formal 527 Organization of the PAC to move a transhumanist agenda.  David (TNC Chairmen) says,

“Getting a formal PAC in DC getting politicians to be at least aware of the Transhumanist Movement and our Agenda politically is the first step in a better future for humanity.”

Get tickets now or donate or register as a TNC founding member here: 

[press] Official Political Platform/Agenda of the Transhuman National Committee (TNC) 02016

[Adopted by the 02016 TNC convention 27 Feb 02016]

The following platform is the basis for the TNC’s transhumanist agenda that will be lobbied for in the United States by the TNC. Continue reading

[Press] Official Summary of the TNC Convention 2016

The Official Summary of the TNC Convention for 2016 includes:

The new official Board of directors includes:

The Executive Committee: Continue reading

[press] Official Statement to the TNC Convention 2016 by Dr. Amon Twyman


The following is an open letter being read as an address at the (US) Transhuman National Committee convention on 27th February 2016:

My name is Amon Twyman, and I am making this statement in my capacity as Leader of the Transhumanist Party, a registered political party in the United Kingdom, and as a founder of the worldwide Transhumanist Party movement. Continue reading